Tooth Brush Chart!


  • Image of Tooth Brush Chart!
  • Image of Tooth Brush Chart!
  • Image of Tooth Brush Chart!

Is it just me or is it REALLY hard to remember how important it is to take care of our teeth?? I always find my mornings groggy and distracted and my nights tired and forgetful. I mostly made this chart for myself to help me keep track, but if you're like me (or you have kids like me) I've made it available for sale! It's fully laminated, which means you can write on it every month with a dry erase marker, then start over the month after forever and ever.

Each little square has a circle for the date, a white circle beside it for the extra credit flosser, and two little molar spots sitting below. Check off a molar or the floss circle when you've brushed or flossed.

MOLAR BRUSHES MEANS LESS CAVITIES (can you believe I made that up???)

5"x7", fully laminated
7"x9.5", fully laminated

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